The Corn Maze

Halloween MazeAt just over 1 acre, the Menacing Maze is, pound for pound, the funnest corn maze in North Carolina. Fun Fact: Its not actually corn, but a twisted sorghum hybrid meticulously cultivated in graveyard soil and enriched with zombie fodder (who knew, right?).

The rows are tighter than corn, the foliage is thicker, and the thrills are thrillier.  Many experience frustration, and throw in the towel by coming out the entrance. Plowing your own path is a dangerous game. Don’t do it! Our maze is family friendly, with no haunters inside. Its just you against the maze, “mano a mano”.  Will you escape to freedom, or spend eternity spinning your wheels?


Scare Rating: 1 out of 5 skulls.

Cost: 1 Attraction Ticket