Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer any special offers or promotions?

Of course!  If you buy online Monday through Thursday you’ll get $3 off admission.    Military and Group Discounts area available by calling 919-526-8612 or sending an e-mail to  Look for coupons in local businesses, and follow us on facebook and twitter, where we announce all of our deals.

How Scary is the Haunted Trail?

It gets a little scarier every year, but the scariest elements still get 4 out of 5 skulls on the scare-o-meter.  If it were a movie we’d call it PG-13, so parents should plan accordingly.  The maze is the only attraction without haunters inside.

Is this a Family Friendly Haunted House?

5 of our haunted attraction are designed to scare on various levels:  The Haunted Trail, Dark Walk, Howling Hayride, Carny Crypt, and Ghost Bus.  Younger patrons will enjoy the Menacing Maze and the Goblin Shootout, along with food, music, & the bonfire.

What if I want to stop half-way through?

Curl up in a ball and start crying and we’ll figure it out.  Or just get the attention of one of the haunters, and they will find someone to escort you out of the forest.  We have a few maintenance trails that will allow you to make the walk of shame while encountering as little ridicule as possible.

Do I have to sign a Liability Waiver?

Yup.  Everybody signs a Panic Point Waiver upon entry.

Will the Haunters touch me?

No. never.  Well, never on purpose.  Haunters are trained to avoid direct contact, so any and all contact will be incidental to a bunch of people walking around in the dark.  You will not be grabbed, dragged, hit, cut, gouged, marred, gored, impaled, or otherwise contacted intentionally by anyone in the forest.  And, please, for your own safety, do not attempt to make contact or do harm to our beloved haunters.  That is some seriously bad mojo.  We have pre-ordered vodoo curses on all those who behave badly in the forest.

What should I wear?

We’ll be in “Axe-Murderer Semi-Formal”, so just make sure you don’t out-dress us.  The first rule is NO COSTUMES.  We don’t want anyone getting confused about who is there to scare and be scared.  The trails have wood chips, but when it rains you may find some mud or a puddle.  Leave the suede shoes at home.  Dress warm, but if you get cold you can always warm up by the fire.