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The NC Haunt you don’t want to miss!  General Admission to Panic Point is $16 (but just $9 through 9/16), which includes entry to the venue and a walk through our Featured Attraction, the Haunted Forest.  All other attractions are a la carte, (a bloody buffet of freaks and scares).  Attraction info is below.  Detailed price information is on the pricing page.  NOTE: ALL PRICES INCLUDE A NEW 6.75% AMUSEMENT TAX, IMPOSED BY THE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA.

haunted forest100px“Haunted Forest” ($16) Scare Rating: 4 Skulls

From Hillbilly Cannibals to a Possessed Nursery, you’ll run for the hills, mess your pants & call for Mama.  This half-mile trail offers 10 freaky scenes, and dozens of haunters, determined to separate you from your group and assimilate you into their creepy tribe.

darkwalkrevised90px“Dark Walk” (2 Tix) Scare Rating: 3 Skulls

Fan Favorite!  Lengthened in 2014!  Your own personal horror movie scene in the woods.  Just a trail.  No lights.  Its you,  a rope, & pure darkness.  You only imagined the spectre in the shadows, right?  Wild animals are way less scared of you than you are of them.

hayride90px“Howling Hayride” (2 Tix) Scare Rating: 3 Skulls

Load up and hold on!  Enjoy a crisp Carolina evening accompanied by blood-curdling screams, laughter, & the sweet smell of roasting marshmallows & smoked flesh.  The 2014 version of this nightmare is bigger, longer, and spookier.  Be (very) afraid.

carny90x90“Carny Crypt” (1 Tix) Scare Rating: 3 Skulls

For years, this trashed trailer was a flop house for some of the lowest level Carnival Workers this side of the Mississippi.  It was dirty, decrepit, infested, and haunted.  So we bought it, as-is, and converted it into a morbid museum of Carny glory.

maze2013-90px“Menacing Maze” (1 Tix) Scare Rating: 1 Skull

Corn maze?  Not quite.  Our ghoulish grass is a twisted hybrid strain imported from Transylvania; meticulously cultivated in graveyard soil & enriched with zombie fodder.  These ominous stalks grow thick, so all you can see are the maze walls as they close in.

goblin shootout90px

“Zombie Shootout” (2 Tix) Scare Rating: 1 skull

In a post-apocalyptic world someone has to control the un-dead population. Why not you?  Grab a wireless M4 Laser Tag Gun and shoot rounds at our glowing zombies as they forage for food (like you).  Can you turn back the horde?  5 players per game.  High Score wins a Panic Point T-Shirt!