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North Carolina’s Best Haunt

2015 Opening Night is 10/2. This is the Haunted Attraction you don’t want to miss! Panic Point is 50 acres of pure haunted mayhem with 6 unique attractions. In our scare park, horrified hordes of patrons lock arms and shuffle into the unknown of the Haunted Forest. Survivors brave the Haunted Hayride, Corn Maze, Dark Trail and Carny Crypt. While waiting for your heart rate to normalize between frights, you can hang by the fire, watch your friends on “Scare Cam”, eat, drink, or win a t-shirt via Carnival Games or Zombie Shootout.

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“Haunted Forest” ($16) Scare Rating: 4 Skulls

haunted forest100pxBring on the Voodoo Witches, Backwoods Serial Killers, Conjurers, Murderous Bellhops & Zombies…and that’s just the start!  When you step into the Haunted Forest you’ll run for the hills, mess your pants & call for Mama.  This half-mile trail offers 10 freaky scenes, and dozens of haunters.

“Dark Trail” (3 Tix) Scare Rating: 4 Skulls

darkwalkrevised90pxFan Favorite!  All new in 2015!  Your own personal horror movie scene in the woods.  Just a trail.  No lights.  Its you,  a rope, & pure darkness.  You only imagined the spectre in the shadows, right?  Wild animals are way less scared of you than you are of them.

“Haunted Hayride” (3 Tix) Scare Rating: 3 Skulls

hayride90pxLoad up and hold on!  Enjoy a crisp Carolina evening accompanied by blood-curdling screams, laughter, & the sweet smell of roasting marshmallows & smoked flesh.  The 2015 version of this nightmare is bigger, longer, and spookier.  Be (very) afraid.

“Carny Crypt” (1Tix) Scare Rating: 3 Skulls

carny90x90For years, this trashed trailer was a flop house for some of the lowest level Carnival Workers this side of the Mississippi.  It was dirty, decrepit, infested, and haunted.  So we bought it, as-is, and converted it into a morbid museum of Carny glory.

“Menacing Maze” (1 Tix) Scare Rating: 1 Skull

maze2013-90pxCorn maze?  Not quite.  Our ghoulish grass is a twisted hybrid strain imported from Transylvania; meticulously cultivated in graveyard soil & enriched with zombie fodder.  These ominous stalks grow thick, so all you can see are the maze walls as they close in.

“Grim Games – Win a T-Shirt” (1-2 Tix) Scare Rating: 1 Skull

goblin shootout90pxNeed a rest? Why not try your luck in our games of skill.  Drop by our Carnival Game Booth. Throw a ball, win a prize!  OR…Grab a wireless M4 Laser Tag Gun at the Zombie Shootout (2 tix) and take out the undead.  3 to 5 players per game. High Score each round wins a 2015 Panic Point T-Shirt!

Panic Point’s 2015 Halloween Event

This 2015 Halloween Event runs all month long, and the Haunted Trail is just one piece of the horrifying puzzle. Every night at the Haunt is one gigantic grim gala, with more ways to cry fear than you knew existed. Each attraction entrance sits around the perimeter of the circle of horror, which is relatively safe inside if you can avoid “Axe Man” and his cohorts. A bonfire rages not far from the concession stand and DJ Booth, all while images from inside the haunt are beamed onto a big screen near the Dark Trail. You can easily spend 2 hours hopping from one attraction to the next, while the more cowardly members of your group “take a break” by the fire, sipping cocoa. Its an enormous scare fair every night, and you’re invited!

Scare Guide

The Haunted Forest, Carny Crypt, and Dark Walk are designed to scare, and are probably not appropriate for most people under the age of 12.  There is no haunted house rating system, but at our scariest we would call the haunt, “PG-13”.   We are, however, a family friendly haunted house.  Younger patrons can enjoy the Maze and Zombie Shootout, haunter-free.  Brave young souls can try lower scare attractions as a warm-up for the Haunted Trail.   Every person who enters must sign a waiver of liability.  No flash photography in the haunt.  If you do take pictures, post to social media using #PanicPointNC.

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