Six Haunted Attractions

27 Unique Scenes.   Do it all with our PACKAGE OF FEAR

Panic Point Turns “Unlucky” Seven!

 Our Scare Park offers 6 unique Haunted Attractions: Haunted Forest, Dark Trail, Hayride, Killers in the Corn, Carny Crypt, & Corn Maze. While waiting for your heart rate to normalize between frights, you can hang by the fire, dance, eat, drink, or win a t-shirt via Carnival Games or Zombie Shootout. As always, Parking is FREE.

THE Halloween Event in the Triangle

Our 2017 Halloween Event runs all month long, and the Haunted Trail is just one piece of the horrifying puzzle. Every night at the Haunt is one gigantic grim gala, with more ways to cry fear than you knew existed. Each attraction entrance sits around the perimeter of the circle of horror, which is “relatively” safe (if you can avoid “Axe Man” & “Buzzsaw”). Dual Bonfires rage, the DJ spins music, & the movie screen offers scare highlights. You can easily spend 2 hours hopping from one attraction to the next, while the more cowardly members of your group hang by the fire sipping cocoa. Its an enormous scare fair every night, and you’re invited!

Scare Guide

The Haunted Forest, Dark Trail, Killers in the Corn, & Carny Crypt are designed to scare, and are probably not appropriate for most people under the age of 12.  There is no haunted house rating system, but at our scariest we would call the haunt, “PG-13”.   We are, however, a family friendly haunted house.  Younger patrons can enjoy the Maze and Zombie Shootout, haunter-free.  Brave young souls can try the hayride first before venturing into more scary attractions.